Educational trip to Lori

As you know, this time we decided to go to Lori province. We weren't that excited for this trip, albeit we ended up really enjoying it.

On the first day we assembled at our school and started our trip early in the morning. Our first destination was the Dsegh Seas. To be honest it was much more beautiful than i'd expected and i'd definitely visit that place again, to look at that stunning view one more time. Next we went to Dsegh village, to visit the home museum of Hovhannes Toumanian, but some of us didn't walk in, cause we'd already been there too many times. Afterwards we went to Alaverti city, and stayed at the guest house for  the rest of the day.

Preparations for an educational trip
As you already know our trip to Jermuk was unforgettable. We had a lot of fun there and are going to remember it for a long time. Anyway, it has been 2 months since then, so I guess it’s time for another trip. This time we’we decided to go to Lori. Though we aren’t as excited for this one as we’ve been for other trips, we’re still going, because we’re sure we’ll spend a great time. I think each member of our group has been to Lori even once, it’s very familiar to me too, because I spent 7 years studying in Vanadzor. I’ve been to a lot of places there, but I think I’ll still learn something from this trip. So, due to a tradition, I’m going to tell about one of the places that we’re planning to visit: this time its Sanahin Monastery.

Lets Speak English

In my opinion “Lets Speak English” is one of the most interesting projects of this year. It’s kind of unique, because it’s colloborative. We go to primary schools and teach children English. That might seem really easy, but it’s actually very difficult. We need to choose some topics, so children don’t get bored, but also topics might be easy for them to understand. It gets harder when most of the children don’t speak and you need to tell something and ask questions so you don’t ruin your lesson. Howewer the projects really iteresting. We have so much fun while teaching kids, and also improve our speaking skills which is also very important. We all enjoyed those lessons very much and I hope that this project will be continuous.


Educational trip to Vayots Dzor

Though our last trip was 6 months ago, our group was still there for another trip. This time we decided to go to Vayots Dzor province. The trip started on March 28, we went straight to Jermuk. We were staying at the hotel “Evmari” and, to be honest,I really liked it. So we dropped our suitcases in hotel rooms, and decided to go for a little walk in the city. The weather wasn’t cold, but it was snowing. There were lots of massive snow bunches in Jermuk, so while walking and exploring the city, we had a snowball fight. After our walk we just came back to hotel, had supper together, and as that day was our friend Hayk's birthday, we started celebrating, eating cake, playing games, and just relaxing.

What are exams for?
(short essay)

Exams motivate students to study harder.
You can hear this from many teachers, adults, parents and other people. In my opinion that people are very closeminded, cause they don’t understand, that the time is changing. I think that exams are a waste of time. They don’t make us study harder, but they take all our energy and time, so we can’t study anything else. We have to learn by heart all our lessons just to pass exams, but after the exams  we just forget everything and realize that we didn’t learn everything at school. People want us to know everything, to be good at maths, languages, history, and many other classes, but nobody’s perfect. 

Preparations for an educational trip
(Vayots Dzor)
It’s been 6 months since our last trip. We spent a great time in Karabakh, and still can’t forget our adventures. But its time to start a new story. This time we decided to go to Vayots Dzor Province. I don’t know if anyone from our group has been there, but if so, this is a great opportunity to go there, see new paces, learn new things or remember what you’ve forgot. As a tradition, I’m going to tell about one of our destinations, this time it’s Noravank.

Noravank is a 13th-century Armenian monastery, located 122 km from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu River, near the town of Yeghegnadzor, Armenia. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs, directly across from the monastery.

What kind of friend is better - one who is very similar to you or one who is very different? Which kind of friend do you prefer and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.
Friendship is one of the most important things in our life. You can have loving family, but you’ll feel lonely, if you don’t have friends. In my opinion both kinds of friends are good. Most people prefer to have friends that are similar to themselves, and think like them, so they have many things in common. Of course i like that too, but i dont choose friends like that. Someone can think like me, and be similar to me, but he can have that kind of character  that i dont like or with what i don't agree. So for me it doesn't matter, is someone similar to me or not, i must like the character, personality of that person, and then become friends with him or her.

Just a story

One day in one big computer store employees after servicing the last client, decided to go to vacation. After thorough examination of the place, they ordered some tickets and started packing their suitcases. And their adventure began. They assembled at the Airport, but the majority was late. Once they arrived at snowy mountains of France their finger tips became numb

Taking risks
(short essay)

The risk comes from embracing the unknown and learning through the whole experience. We take risks everyday. For example, when we go to work or school by car, bus or another transport, when we go to swimming pool, when we try new food, go to a new place, or just do something for the first time. Though some people are afraid of taking risks or difficult choices,  there are more and more people that like taking risks, enjoy being afraid, and just want to try everything.

January 2019
Winter Camp

The start of our second semester was actually very good. We were in Mrs. Irina's class and spent a great time. First 3 days we were playing some games in English, doing some other projects and also deciding our topic for English lesson in primary school.

On the 10th of January was our “24 hours in school” project, so we stayed in school all day. We cooked lasagna, ate it, and were playing games, watching movies in English till midnight. Imagine the dark school with Christmas lights, and without that noise, teachers, annoying kids and anything else, pretty cool, huh? You can do whatever you want, and no one can stop you. Anyway, I didn't stay at night and i missed almost everything, so I can’t tell about it much.


Lesson in the eastern school

On November 9th a small group of high school students went to the eastern school to participate in a collaborative project "We learn by Teaching".Kids were happy to see us and so we were. Some of them were well prepared for this lesson. Our lesson was about our school «Mkhitar Sebastatsi» Educomplex. We started with some questions.


Educational trip to Artsakh

The trip we had planned a month ago started on October 27th. It was a very interesting adventure and experience for us, and I'm going to tell about it in details.
Day 1: Our first stop was at the Hayravank  Monastery located on the shores of Lake Sevan. We were impressed by the stunning view of that place. We walked around, had breakfast and continued our trip. Next, we stopped in the Dadivanq Monastery, and after that - the village Vanq, and went to their school. We walked around the school, made new friends, and invited them to our school. Then we went to the  monastery og Gandzasar. It was very big and beautiful, and the view was unforgettable.


Preparations for an educational trip

As you know our trip to Syunik’ province was very successful. When we arrived home, we had already planned our next trip. This time we’re going to Artsakh. Only few of us have been there, we all are going to learn many interesting things about Artsakh. As some kind of tradition each of us is supposed to find and learn some information about one of the many places we’ve planned to go.


Stereotypes about Canada

There are a lot of stereotypes about every country in the world, and Canada is not an exception. If we search about Canadian stereotypes, we can find many interesting things, that aren’t always true. But what do Canadian people think about it? Are stereotypes about Canada true, or are they just rumors? I’m going to present 5 stereotypes about Canada that are true.

1. Canadian people are very polite. They are kind and sweet and they don’t deny it. They can say sorry even if they didn’t do anything, so if you ever visit Canada, you have to be polite too.

Educational trip to Syunik’

21th of September is the Independence Day of Armenia. It has become a    tradition in our school to celebrate it in the highlands, climbing up the mountains. So, I’m going to write about our trip in details.
This year we chose the mountain Ishkhanac. The big part of our group didn’t climb it, but some students with our history teacher Mr Vardan did. It was really hard, cause the height of the mountain is 3200m. We were back in an hour and were waiting for others to return. Some students got lost somewhere, and others were looking for them. So, after 4 hours, when it started to rain, we found everyone and continued our trip. We went to the store in Goris, bought some food, and went to Mr Vardan’s house in the village Kornidzor. We had supper, played some games and went to sleep.

Preparations for an educational trip

For me educational trip is the most interesting and useful way to learn something. We learn many things about our country, go to historical places, and much more. We also spend great time, make new friends and get really close to each other.
This time we decided to go to Goris, Khndzoresk, Tatev monastery, and many more interesting places. Also we’re going to climb a mountain and watch a waterfall. Our schedule is really full.

Are parents the best teachers?
Here, in Armenia, people think that parents are the best teachers. They know more than children, know what's right and good for them. Here parents choose religion for their children, also in some families they choose friends, profession, food, clothes, hobbies and much more for their children, and think that it's normal. If you go to some villages, far from Yerevan, you'll see, that kids look and think like their parents, and seems like a 4 years old kid, is a 40 years old man.
I  really hate this fact in Armenia. Parents don't let their children think by themselves, and that's not right. Yes, you can choose clothes or food for your kid, when he's very small, and can't understand everything yet. But you can't choose something personal for him like a boyfriend/girlfriend, orientation or religion.

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