Educational trip to Syunik’

21th of September is the Independence Day of Armenia. It has become a    tradition in our school to celebrate it in the highlands, climbing up the mountains. So, I’m going to write about our trip in details.
This year we chose the mountain Ishkhanac. The big part of our group didn’t climb it, but some students with our history teacher Mr Vardan did. It was really hard, cause the height of the mountain is 3200m. We were back in an hour and were waiting for others to return. Some students got lost somewhere, and others were looking for them. So, after 4 hours, when it started to rain, we found everyone and continued our trip. We went to the store in Goris, bought some food, and went to Mr Vardan’s house in the village Kornidzor. We had supper, played some games and went to sleep.

Preparations for an educational trip

For me educational trip is the most interesting and useful way to learn something. We learn many things about our country, go to historical places, and much more. We also spend great time, make new friends and get really close to each other.
This time we decided to go to Goris, Khndzoresk, Tatev monastery, and many more interesting places. Also we’re going to climb a mountain and watch a waterfall. Our schedule is really full.

Are parents the best teachers?
Here, in Armenia, people think that parents are the best teachers. They know more than children, know what's right and good for them. Here parents choose religion for their children, also in some families they choose friends, profession, food, clothes, hobbies and much more for their children, and think that it's normal. If you go to some villages, far from Yerevan, you'll see, that kids look and think like their parents, and seems like a 4 years old kid, is a 40 years old man.
I  really hate this fact in Armenia. Parents don't let their children think by themselves, and that's not right. Yes, you can choose clothes or food for your kid, when he's very small, and can't understand everything yet. But you can't choose something personal for him like a boyfriend/girlfriend, orientation or religion.

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