24 March 2016

Our journey to Garni and Geghard


Today we went to Garni and Geghard with our teachers. The weather was not good, but we’re feeling exellent.
First, we stopped at the Charents Arch and decided to read a few poems. We marveled at the scene, took some pictures, and then got on a bus and went on.
Our second stop was in Geghard. We walked around the church, looked its surroundings, climbed the mountain, lit a candle in the church and decided to taste the delicious Geghard gata. After a good lunch we continued our journey.
The third time we stopped in Garni. We learned a lot about it. We took photos there too and came back to school.
We spent a very happy day for which we are grateful to Ms. Bush, Janna Albertovna and comrade Varduhi. 
You can view the photos here.

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