06 November 2016

Invented Interview With Iveta Mukuchyan

Invented Interview With Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta Mukuchyan is an armenian singer. She was born in 1986. Pop genre songs singer.

- How did you begin your career as a singer?
- In 2010 I participated in a competition called “Hay Superstar” and came in 5th place. And in 2012 I participated on the 2nd season of “The Voice of Germany” but came out at 3rd phase. And in 2016 I participated in ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) and finished the contest in 7th place with 249 points.

- Can you tell about your childhood and adolescence?
- I was born in 1986 October 14th in Yerevan. In 1992 with my family I moved to Germany. But in 2009 I decided to come back to Armenia.

- Everyone is interested why you waved the flag of Artsakh in “ESC”. Can you tell the reason of that?
- The only thing that I want to say and share is peace. I want peace on the borders and the only thing that wants Armenia is peace. I wrote this song to   spread the love wave. My only wish is the peace everywhere. I waved the flag to make people pay attention on that problem. I want peace everywhere.

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